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My name is Lori. In August, 2014, I plan to hike the Camino de Santiago trail. Feel free to join me on my adventure by following me on this blog.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, September 7th. (Day 26)
Another great hike today. We climbed 4 mountains, the biggest at the end, being Jay peak. I enjoyed that one a lot. It was very windy all day. It is going to be bringing us rain all day tomorrow, I think.
Jay peak is a ski mountain and there is a little lodge and cafe at the top. Another hiker bought me and Zippy some Gatorade and ice cream to celebrate being almost finished. He was hiking southbound, so he is just starting.

A bunch of our hiking buddies probably finished today. We got a nice note in the jay camp shelter today from Outback. Congrats everyone!

I will miss these tiny little trees. They are all over the ground here. They feel like fake Christmas trees

I will not miss the mud that is one inch deep in one place, and two feet deep in another.

I will miss climbing big rocks.

And these little elf slipper flowers growing everywhere.
Tonight, we are at the Laura Woodward shelter, camping with Hiccup, who hiked south, and when he finished in Massachusetts, decided to turn around and hike back north. Also with us is Joe, who is a retired teacher, hiking southbound. This is his first night on the trail. Being our last night, we gave him as much advise as we could.

11.3 miles to go tomorrow to the finish line! Bittersweet.

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