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My name is Lori. In August, 2014, I plan to hike the Camino de Santiago trail. Feel free to join me on my adventure by following me on this blog.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

Well, my winter clothing is on its way. I took some advise on a couple items, and went all out. I decided that for me, it was best to be over the top with warm gear rather than not being warm enough. I think I am much more likely to quit if I am freezing.

I have a pair of icebreaker 260 leggings coming, which I got on sale for $78. Thanks for the Good Badger for the recommendation. I also splurged on Montbell UL down inner pants. (I have the down jacket already) I have been watching, but haven't ever caught these on sale, so I hope they are as valuable as I have heard for night. I still cant believe that I just spent $150 on pants that are going to, by design, make me look really fat! hahaha Now THAT is devotion!