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My name is Lori. In August, 2014, I plan to hike the Camino de Santiago trail. Feel free to join me on my adventure by following me on this blog.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It seems for the last few days, we have been walking through much medieval history. It's pretty awesome to walk through areas and imagine what has gone on there in the past. Don Suero, a scorned knight defended this bridge for a month until the required 300 lances had been broken. It was fun to cross the bridge while imagining the jousting tournament! Together with his comrades, he then proceeded to Santiago to offer thanks for his freedom from the bonds of love and for his honour, now restored.

Yesterday, in Ponferrada, I got to tour an actual castle, Castillo de Los Templarios. It was pretty amazing! Ponferrada came under the protectorate of the Templar order by decree if King Fernando II in 1178, until the order was outlawed in 1312 and disbanded by a church fearful of their increasing power and esoteric tradition.

I finally found an Albergue that catered to vegetarians. It was awesome to eat good food! So far, the food has been overly fried for my taste, and not many options for a vegetarian, besides fish. The food seems to be changing as we get further south, though, and I am liking it better.
This hostel also offered yoga and massage. The yoga was only done at 8am, so they let me use the room to practice on my own. Paul and Helen both joined this time, and I think it was the first time either of them have done yoga. I got a relaxing massage afterwards.
Yesterday, we hiked back into the higher elevations, and though I am more sore now, it was my favorite hiking day so far. So beautiful!

Early into our hike, we came across the Cruz de Ferro. It stands at the highest point along the Camino, at 4934 ft. Pilgrims are to reconnect with the purpose of their journey here, and add a stone or other token of love and blessing to the great pile. I added a stone myself, while making a promise to myself. I have to thank my friend, Alberto, for the nice picture, as he passed through the day before me. When I passed, it was very early, and too dark to photo. Beautiful, nonetheless.

Tonight, I am in Villafranca. The Albergue I am staying in is very neat, and has been built around the rocks, which have been included in the interior for a very peaceful, nature feel. This is going on my top favorite albergues list.

I will be climbing again tomorrow, including a climb that is supposed to be the toughest on the trail. There are three route options (before beginning the big climb). Easy, difficult, and very difficult. I've talked Paul into doing the difficult route with me, but I had no takers on the very difficult, also called "Dragonte" route. I wish I had a better sense of direction, otherwise I would do it solo. The Dragonte trail is rarely used, not marked well, and the trail gets overgrown. I would surely get lost by myself. I know I am going to love tomorrow's hike though!

More fun photos from the week:



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  1. So I'm surely wondering about this picture with you by the scarecrow, did the conversation start from *him saying: "Pardon me but that way is a very nice way". And we all know what happened to Dorthy after that don't we. I am so interested in History of various forms, I would love to see and learn about castles so you know I will be grilling you on them when we meet again. Just fabulous pictures and I do so hope the peaceful desires and hopes you aspire are settling softly on your mind as you travel onward like the "rains that fall mainly on the plains of Spain. Keep up the wonderful writings. Now if "I only had a brain..." :-)Dad