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My name is Lori. In August, 2014, I plan to hike the Camino de Santiago trail. Feel free to join me on my adventure by following me on this blog.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today I made it to Virginia. It is hard to believe that I have hiked through Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I will probably be in Virginia for as long as it took to hike the first three states, since it is such a large portion of the trail. 
Tonight, I am staying at the Hikers Inn in Damascus. There are rooms in the home (kind of like a B&B, without the breakfast), and there is a hostel in a building behind the home. It's really nice. The bunkhouse has two bunk beds, and there is a separate private room with a queen bed. I am in the private room. As the trail goes on, I have noticed there are fewer woman still hiking. There are also fewer gentlemen...just mostly males, old and young, who have lost their manners. This is why I try to snag the private rooms! Hiking the AT has become a lot like what I think it would be like to live in a southern college frat house. Oh, the smells!! The hikers with some manners left tend to gravitate to the more expensive lodging (my room is $35. That is considered pricey for a hostel). For instance, last week I stayed at the Kincora hostel. Bob Peoples is the man who runs that place. He is a master trail man, and works a lot on the trail, including miles of re-routes. He is an amazing man who actually reminds me of Elmer Fudd. His hostel is a $5 suggested donation. With that price, you can expect to be bunking with some interesting fellas. It also doesn't bring in any income to keep the place very clean. The saving grace there is that no alcohol is aloud, so the rowdy crowd stays away. After a night there, I stayed in the Black Bear Resort to take my day off. It was a very basic hostel, but the cleanliness made a huge difference. It was $10. They also rent cabins for $50, and I hear they are nice. 
A lot of people wonder about the hostels, so I hopes little explanations help. I really love getting to see all the different hostels I have. Even the not so cozy ones have given me great memories. I will never forget the Aquone cabin hostel! Most cozy ever!
Here is a picture of "chronic fatigue syndrome" I asked if he was opening a candy store...but he was just getting his next few days of food ready to hike. Hahaha!

Even though they can make awful smells and noises, the people I meet on the trail are so awesome. I love it!
I also want to mention how great-full I am of my friends and family who give me so much support while I am here. I lean on my friends a lot, and they are truly angels. 
To celebrate my third state, I think I will just start posting a bunch of pictures for you all until Chris gets out of yoga and calls me :) enjoy!


  1. Hi, Lori!
    I will be in VA at the end of the month. VA is a beautiful state. The Blue Ridge mountains are gorgeous. The trail should take you near Louray Caverns and Skyline Drive- which is really a hiking trail. Been there- very pretty.
    Love you! Stay safe and watch out for those bears! I understand they are very mean in the spring and ravenous.There is a slight chance we may be able to connect. I sent you a message. I will seriously look into it.

  2. Yeah state number 4!!! You are looking so good! You are a "Lean, not so mean, Hiking machine" LOL! And your past the month of April....April showers bring May flowers! I hope you get a lot less storms and lots more flowers!!!

  3. Nice to hear that you are doing well. Stay away from crazy hikers. We hear things about folks and wonder...

    Still envious!