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My name is Lori. In August, 2014, I plan to hike the Camino de Santiago trail. Feel free to join me on my adventure by following me on this blog.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Have you ever camped on the side of a railroad track like a hobo? I have! There were a bunch of us hikers who did last night due to every cabin and "legal" tent site being fully booked. We had a great time. It rained all night long, but we all stayed warm and dry. (better than hiking earlier in the day as we were attacked by a hail storm. That was fun. My only reaction was to laugh as we got pelted. The louder Sparky's ouches got, the more I laughed. I can't help it, I'm crazy)
Today's hike was not so much fun for me. Uphill all day. Booo! It was a difficult 10.5 miles. Tomorrow should be better. The best part of the day was this tree...

I was hoping that it was a magic tree, and when I went inside, I would find a place where all the uphills had an escalator, and the downhills were twisty slides. Turns out it was just a regular tree, but I still liked it.
We Have hooked back up with camping with Snail and Turtle the last couple nights. They are so inspiring to me. They are in their 70's, and have travelled all over the world. They were home in Germany one day last year and saw a national geographic episode on the AT, and just decided to do it. As long as they can do this, so can I!!


  1. That tree is way cool! I can hear you laughing at Sparky!! You are so inspiring to me! We got your letter today...Thank You so much..I will cherish it :)
    Love You Tons!

  2. Yep>>>>I can attest that you are, indeed, crazy! You hang in there, my sweet girl. I know you can keep climbing :) That's amazing, that those people in their 70's are doing it, too. Have a "hoppy" Easter! Hugs to you, again.

  3. Happy Easter Lori! I had to chuckle at your imagination working overtime with that "magic tree". Very fun thoughts you have. I swear humor can get you through anything. Keep on trucking sistah!
    xo Susan

  4. Love that tree! It reminds me of that movie, "My Side of the Mountain" where he literally lived in a tree. And now you are living in the woods! :) Hope your feet are feeling better!

  5. Happy Easter! and take care of those Achilles tendons...hike on, you can do it!!!!! Sayyyyyy is that a termite in your hair? LOL!!!